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Welcome to our webpage, we appreciate your taking the time to visit. At Southern Auction Services, and Southern Outdoors, we strive to meet the customers’ needs. As an auction house we do a full service business by both liquidating full estates, and consigning small numbers of items. We also offer buying the estates outright.

Our auctions are straight forward and provide a family type atmosphere. Each week is a new experience with a great variety.  You never know what you will find at the auction, so we hope you will come by and spend the evening with us. The auctions are each week on Friday at 6:30 PM.

Southern Outdoors is located inside the auction house and provides a full service FFL gun dealership. If we do not have on hand what you need, it can be ordered and arrive quickly.  Also your guns can be shipped to us from other dealers to satisfy state and federal laws.  We also carry a wide array of hunting supplies and accessories.


Transfer Rifle or Handgun to Southern Outdoors

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If you've purchased a rifle or handgun online or out of state and would like to have it shipped to Southern Outdoors so you can pick it up locally please open our FFL Certificate. You can print it and fax it to whoever sold you the rifle or handgun or you can download the file and email it to them as a file attachment.

To view or download a copy of our FFL Certificate to give to your seller please click HERE.

Our Auction Licenses

Southern Auction - 7599

Charles Shelton - 7139

Ronnie - 9654